Altcoin Exchange Rebrands to


Cryptocurrencies are everywhere, growing fast and its adoption as a sole means of exchange withn the next 10 years, is all but inevitable. which is aiming to create a safe, trustless platform that enables users to make fast trades without worrying if they’re exposing themselves to risk is changing its name to

According to them, “this marks the beginning of a new era of altcoin trading that promises the cryptocurrency community complete security of their coins and a safer way to trade”.

Andrew Gazdecki, CEO and founder of, says that the centralized exchange model is broken and as altcoins continue their meteoric rise in popularity, it’s more important than ever to establish a secure and trustless exchange but with the trading community involved.

Altcoin 2

By eschewing the centralized model, lets traders retain full control of their coins so they can exchange with confidence. There’s no single point of failure, no central repository for hackers to exploit, and full transparency in every transaction.