Drupal May Follow WordPress In Adopting React.js As Its JavaScript Framework

React.js & Drupal


Drupal and WordPress communities are now knee-deep in weighing JavaScript frameworks to modernize underlying architecture for building user interfaces in 2018 and beyond.

Two years ago, Drupal explored adopting a JavaScript framework and at that time Buytaert was considering React, Ember, and Angular. Facebook’s patent clause in React’s licensing made him hesitant to want to pursue it for Drupal but the license has since been changed to MIT. The Drupal community was also not eager to select a framework at that time and in response, Buytaert opted to focus on improving Drupal’s web service APIs instead.

But now, it seems that finally the decision to go with React.js has been made.

According to Drupal founder Dries Buytaert who has published a summary of his discussions with core committers, framework managers, JavaScript subsystem maintainers, and JavaScript experts at DrupalCon Vienna, doing so would allow us to make Drupal easier to use for site builders and content creators in an incremental and reversible way, keep Drupal developers’ skills relevant in an increasingly JavaScript-driven world, move us ahead with modern tools for building user interfaces.

Read more from Dries Buytaert on why he think Drupal should adopt React.

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