Google Rolls Out Great New Features For Marketers, Users and Store Owners

Google adwrods new view

As mobile continue to eat the world, marketers are trying to catch up as consumers increasingly reach for their smartphones to get things done And when they do, they expect the website or application to be fast, responsive and the experience, fluid and frictionless.

And that’s why Google is rolling out a new AdWords that will remarkably redefine how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns. The redesign will makes AdWord significantly easier to use in order to help marketers reach their unique marketing goals.

Beyond ensuring that your website is built for speed (which has become a feature. Latency can now make or break your web application’s user experience and soon, Google will use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site), being able to serve your visitors with useful and more personalized ads, a marketer needs a scalable, easy-to-use tools that allow him or her to manage marketing in smarter kind of way.

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Some of the tools included will be a new Overview page which will automatically surfaces relevant insights about ads performance so you can take action more quickly.

Most advertisers who has experimented with the new Adwords says that the new design and layout saves them 30% more time when completing everyday tasks.

Google for a very long time now have been talking about every user having their own Google. Watch the video from 02:30 to 16:15.

And a new feature they have rolled out in search results that adds a “Personal” tab to show content from private sources like your Gmail account or Google Photos library seems to be a step towards that direction. It also looks like it will be the next evolution of Bookmarks which much work has gone into it, still leaves much to be desired.

personal google

The tab works similarly to the way the existing Maps, News, or Images tabs work but instead of showing you a search for links, it takes the entered search terms and shows you results from your Google accounts instead.

Personal tab is slowly rolling out the feature (which works on both the web and mobile versions of Google) to users at the moment is not enabled by default.

If you want to use this feature, click through to the “More” option on the bottom.

Google also has introduced a Purchases on Google beta program which allows qualifying merchants to add a “Buy” button to search adds and describes the new service as a way to “help shoppers easily purchase on Google, so you can grow conversions and drive new customers.”

Purchasing a product from Google search requires being a user of Google Wallet. Clicking on the “Buy” button will send Google Wallet users to a Google-hosted page where the product can be purchased.

Merchants who both choose to take part in, and qualify for, the beta program will be able to include a “Buy on Google” button at the top of their product ads.

If you want to try this out, log to to your Merchant Center and head to the “Purchases on Google” block.

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