The Magic Of Showing Up

Human beings are creatures of habits.

As little kids, some of us are spontaneous, full of excitement as we discover new things.
But as we grow older, we often find ourselves preferring to stick to known paths, rather than risk the dangers of the unknown.

Perhaps, it is that simple little voice that sometimes whisper that you should probably go out more to make new friends.
Or that you should start that business that you have long been putting off.

Or start that blog to project your ideas and engage with the world.
Or maybe it is to acquire that additional skill(s) you inwardly know will lead to a better paying job or opportunity, yet somehow, you have gotten yourself to believe that this is all you are capable of.

At every moment of each day, we are presented with opportunities.
Opportunities that we could take advantage of to enrich our lives, to turn our life around.

As an introvert, I’m one of those people that prefers the quietness and solitude of my room, to the chaotic world outside.
For me, there is that world and then, there is mine.

The outside world is disorganized and requires too much energy to be part of.

Mine is ordered, quiet and with a certain feel of familiarity.
Most of my close friends who has known me for some time has long accepted the fact that there is 85%probability  of me saying “no” to a social invitation.

The price … while shutting ourselves from people might give us the peace we need, it limits the opportunities that comes our way.

To achieve success, we have to take that first step for working towards it.

As Woody Allen says, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

It is often at those moment when we show up, that life presents us with a chance for growth.

When we show up, we’re presented with opportunities.
When we show up, we get new information or acquire more knowledge.

It might been showing up consistently even when it’s difficult or we don’t have the desire to.

It is a simple act could lead to some of the most important milestones in our lives.

Who knows.
Maybe it is because we showed up to an event that we met a business partner.
Maybe it is because we showed up on a date that we met the love of our life.
Maybe it is because we showed up every day to read that book that we learned an insight that made us a better person.
But showing up might not mean going to the bar or nightclub each night just to be with people.
If interacting with other humans is so tiring that you consciously avoids it,  it might mean taking that first step towards the direction of what you need.
Sitting around, planning and worrying about execution without actually executing that idea will never take us to our goal.

Stepping out of our comfort zone, experiencing fear and pushing through it might be that one thing that determine whether we are successful or not, happier or not, alone at the end of our life or not.

It might be that some of the most important events in our lives may happen in that world outside.

Maybe it is time that we start showing up.

Maybe it is really time to open that door and step outside.


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  1. Hi, this is what I think of what you said.
    There are people that thrives in solitude and do the life greatest works as hermits.
    Others like the spotlight and thrives under it.
    When an opportunity comes, as long as one has the eyes to see it, it doesn’t matter where he or she is.

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